Can’t find the right wine map to meet your needs, or would like to commission a new project, or perhaps customize one of our existing maps…we can help! We can accommodate customizations from a single custom map print as a special gift, to hundreds or thousands of maps to meet the needs of trade professionals. Whatever your specific need, contact us today and let us help with your project.



The physical size of any of our existing maps can be changed to your specifications. Keep in mind that a change in scale will also likely require a change in content. If the size change is dramatic, it may be more cost-effective to commission a new custom map. Contact usif you require a custom map size.

Paper & Canvas

Paper & Canvas

All of our maps are printed on 100 lb. premium coated text bright white paper. It’s a heavy paper stock suitable for wall maps. It’s also eco-friendly, made from recycled paper and certified by both the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), meaning you can be sure that the forests and tree harvest were responsibly managed.

Other options include:

Hahnemühle 310 gsm Photo Rag® Bright White 100% cotton paper. This paper is matte coated, eco-friendly, and certified acid-free. It is archival museum-quality certified and resistant to ageing for decades. Printing one of our wine maps on this exceptional quality and long-lasting paper is ideal for a special gift or display.Contact usif you prefer this paper option.

Archival canvas is another option. We can offer Breathing Color® Lyve bright white matte canvas that has a certified display life of 100+ years! The canvas is certified free of OBAs (Optical Brightening Agents) …meaning the bright white won’t dull and fade over time. The canvas is 17-microns thick (0.017 mm) and poly/cotton blend, making it ideal for stretching to a frame.Contact usif you prefer this canvas option.

Content & Style


All of our wine map content is meticulously researched and verified from primary and official sources. Even the rivers and roads are originally digitized from satellite imagery. That said, you have the option to add your own custom content or maybe adjust existing content...perhaps your logo and company information, custom locations or points of interest…contact uswhatever your custom content need.


You also have the option to customize map styling if you prefer. Perhaps there’s a specific color palette or text style that’s more consistent with your business brand, or maybe just personal preference. Whatever the reason,contact usand let us know your styling need.

Digital Format

Digital Format

All of our maps can be quickly and easily converted into a digital format suitable to meet your needs, be it for a website, downloadable PDF, etc. We can also crop out a portion of one of your maps as a JPEG, for a website for example. Please docontact uswith your specific format.


Mounting & Framing

It’s been our experience that most prefer to mount and frame, if they desire this, at a local shop. This gives them more creative input and limits additional shipping and handling costs. However, if you wish, you cancontact usto explore custom mounting and framing.

New Project

Commission a New Project

If you have a need for something new and original and customizing an existing map is not feasible, that’s perfectly fine! We will work with you on any new map or infographic project targeted to your specific needs.Contact uswith an outline of your idea to get started.

A client wanted to resize our Loire map into a smaller size for their reusable tasting note template. The final map was integrated into the customer’s PDF template and functionality added to highlight the featured wine’s origin.


A client asked to develop a custom "logo" for our Virginia winery map as a special gift. This single map was printed on archival-quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper.

A client requested to crop a small portion from our existing Southwest France map for their website. A custom location was added and the color scheme changed to match the client's branding. Final map was provided to the client as a JPEG.


Have more questions? Review the FAQs below and/or send us a note from the Contact page.

Why purchase a wine map from AmphoraMap?

When purchasing a wine map from AmphoraMap you can be sure it adheres to the highest standards. All of our wine maps are produced by highly-qualified and certified cartographers following the highest cartographic standards. All of the wine information is exhaustively researched from original and official national government sources and official regional associations. The base information on every map (e.g. rivers, roads) is originally digitized by AmphoraMap cartographers direct from satellite imagery. Further, all of our wine maps are scrutinized by our founder, president, chief cartographer, and Advanced (Level 3) Certified wine professional by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust based in London, U.K.

Can maps be customized for a promotional product or gift?

Yes! We’ve had several clients customize a map to use as a promotional product for their wine business or as a one-of-kind personal gift. All of our maps can be customized with your logo and business information and any other pertinent content you wish to add to meet your business needs. Additionally, we’ve worked with clients to satisfy one-of-a-kind personal customizations intended as a special gift wine map. Contact Us to discuss how we can meet your customization needs.

Are there paper options for the wine maps?

Yes! You can choose acid-free, museum-quality paper certified to last more than a century, and even a print on canvas option. That said, the standard paper that we use to print our maps is McCoy® premium coated 100# white paper that is rated best-in-class for brightness and image integrity. It’s also Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning you can be sure that the harvesting, manufacture, and shipping practices have met environmental and socially responsible standards!

How do I get started to commission a custom map project?

Go to Contact Us and send us a message briefly describing your map project’s specifics. Include if it’s a customization of one of our existing maps or if you wish to commission an entirely new project. Once we receive your request, we will respond to set up a time to discuss your request in more detail.

What is the cost to customize a map?

The cost to customize a map depends on such factors as what you would like to have done, when it’s needed, if it’s a customization of an existing map or original map, and delivery method (printed vs digital) to name a few. All types of customization can be done, be it adjusting a map’s size, color palette, content, paper/canvas options, etc. Whatever your customization needs, Contact Us with the details to discuss cost options.

Can I get a digital version of a map?

Yes. All of our maps are available in electronic format such as JPEG and PDF. Contact Us for details.

Can I commission a project that’s not a wine map?

Absolutely! While our core business is designing and publishing wine maps, we also have the skillset and experience to design and publish a wide variety of other types of maps and information graphics. Our founder and president has 30+ years’ experience in the commercial map industry designing and publishing all types of maps for a variety of media. He is also an experienced infographic professional having produced information graphics for the New York Times and Associated Press. We are uniquely qualified to create a wide variety of wine and non-wine related maps and infographics. Go to Contact Us and send us a message with a brief overview of your project today!